Oct. 18, 2020

Have you seen those pictures or video clips of Salmon swimming upstream in Alaska? They are amazing! Have you ever felt like you were one of those salmon? Swimming against the current with all of your might? Exhausted and hoping that big grizzly bear wouldn't catch you on the journey?
Hear what God has to say about "fighting" the wrong battles and swimming in the wrong "stream". 

Oct. 11, 2020

How does one prepare for the 2020 election? Let's talk about and dive into it with Pastor Dale Swanson.

September Series

Tune in as we start a brand new series in September titled "Dressed for 2020"
Watch and Listen as we go into part 2 of our September series "Dressed for 2020"

Listen in as Pastor Dale continues in Ephesians 6 and breaks down the "Armor of God" and the pieces that help us fight against the schemes of the enemy.
Listen in to part III of our series "Dressed for Twenty Twenty" all about the Armor of God and its importance today. Get ready for Gods word for you!
Tune in for the 4th and final part of our Series "Dressed for 2020" A dive into the Armor of God.
5th and final part of our series "Dressed for 2020" a look into the Full Armor of God. Listen in as Pastor Dale concludes his series of messages that focus in on Spiritual Warfare and the tools God has given each believer to combat the enemy. You don't want to miss this!

August Series

What is Ohana? Why does New Life Church refer to our community as an Ohana? Watch this first part of our series on "Discover Ohana" and learn what it means to us and what God has to say about community during this time.
At the table of Jesus, everyone is welcome. No matter your past or present. Listen in as Pastor Dale unpacks what God has to say in 2 Samuel 9. YOU have a seat at the table!
We are to be a light on the hill for all to see. Discover what Jesus has to teach us in John 10 about the love he has for all people. Listen in to Pastor Chon Torres, as he teaches about our Lord, The Good Shepherd.
The church is to be a group of people who "stir" one another towards love and good works. Listen in as Pastor Dale breaks down what Ohana is to look like today!
What is the purpose of Ohana? What is the difference between a church member and an Image-bearer of Christ? Find out this Sunday, August 30th.